Relaxation Meditation​​​ ​​
"Feel Better in 15 Minutes a Day"

with Gary Halperin​
Professional Meditation & Yoga Teacher
Many of the benefits of meditation have been proven by science.  Meditation can make you feel better, reduce your stress, and foster relaxation.  Millions of people want to learn to meditate, yet most people do not know where to begin.

Relaxation Meditation is the answer:  It is a straightforward, practical, non-religious, modern meditation technique.   It is easy to learn and practice, takes 15 minutes a day, and the benefits happen right from the start.  

Professional Meditation Teacher Gary Halperin will demystify meditation and gently teach you everything you need to know to start a Relaxation Meditation practice.  Once you begin and experience how easy and effortless the practice is, you will be drawn to meditate on a daily basis.  


Joining a Group Program
3 sessions for $60

 Next 3-session Group Progams are
evenings of May 21, 23, and 30
evenings of June 18, 20, and 27

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Individual or Couple
3 Sessions for $210

Forming a Private Group of 3 to 10 people
3 sessions for $300

Corporate, Association, Governmental Group
(More than 10 participants)
3 sessions for $400

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"Feel Better in 15 minutes a Day"

Private and Group Sessions
In-person: Sarasota, Florida
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arrangement in other U.S. locations)
Worldwide: By Phone, Facetime, or Skype